Bell View Acres

Owners: Jeanette and Lynn Durant Trainer: Julio Rodriguez

13728 S Bell Road Homer Glen, IL 60481 708-301-0252


Bell View Acres was started by Dick and Jeanette Durant in 1966 after both gaining training experience with a variety of other trainers in the midwest. Our training staff has a collection of over 150 years of experience with horses and riders. We have a number trainers on Team Durant who have been inducted into the UPHA Hall of Fame. Our trainers have also professionally  judged local and national shows.

Our staff are members of a variety of local and professional organizations including United States Professional Horsemanship Association, United States Equestrian Federation, American Saddle Horse Association, Mid-America Horse Show Association, Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association, and the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin.

Bell View Acres, Inc

Lynn and Jeanette Durant

13728 S Bell Road Homer Glen, IL 60481

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Bell View Acres is a premier equestrian training facility located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Specializing in American Saddlebreds, our training staff can prepare both horse and rider for top competitions, or simple pleasure rides.

A Tradition of Excellence